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  • A New Way to Visit LA

    At MyFabTrip, our mission is to create an exclusive and unforgettable travel experience during your time in LA and surronding cities. We do this by working closely with the best professionals in the hospitality industry. From the moment you set foot in our fair city to the second you leave, we can arrange for you to see the most unique sights and join in on thrilling activities that you won't find anywhere else, all according to your interests and desires.

    Our services are also direct toward residents in LA and Southern California. If you live here and you have friends or family visiting, you might not have the time to organize their visit. Let us do it for you! We'll show them the best this city has to offer according to their taste and preferences and you can take all the credit.

    Also, if you are planning on relocating to Los Angeles or any surrounding areas in Southern California, we can create an itinerary so you can decide first hand what area of the city you want to live.

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    Two years ago the J. Paul Getty Museum together with more than 200 museums,institutions  and private galleries in all  of LA county presented Pacific...

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      If you want to know, experience and discover the the City of Angels from inside out and from its origins thousand of years ago till the present,...


    Anyone who’s ever been on a long plane flight knows that the lack of movement and confined space can really mess with your body. Read the exercises below...